Reasons why massage therapy is for me vol. 1

That one time the client with a crook in her neck turns out to be singer/actress Latoya Luckegt

Reason number #1: why massage therapy is for me: 

I want to take peoples pain away.


My last client son was missing for weeks, they just found his body floating in a river in Bakersfield. I havent worked on her in over a month but she came in today and when she saw me she told the Doctor she just really want a massage. I was with another patient and had some one else afterwards but the Doctors pulled me aside, explained the situation and let me have her. She was borderline in tears. I was expecting an emotional release because Im weird and love those but anyway

 I pray over clients in these situations and as soon as I started GOD told me to take the pain away from her.  So I did, she didnt cry, just sniffles that turned into sighs and then into regular breathing. Instead I had tears on my face and stopped when she stopped sighing. It was a moving moment for me. I cant explain it I just hate to see people hurt.



Relax Your Selfie – Facial Massages & How To Do Them

Check out the guest blog post I wrote for Helping you put your best face forward with self care techniques for at home facial massages. Dancers, you are no exception. Get headshot ready with these tips!

Relax Your Selfie: Facial Massages & How To Do Them 

I do want to point out on the original the post the 6th picture is an error, it repeats the fifth. Sorry guys but I’ve added the original 6th slide for you below.


20170512_104757_Burst01 Did you know the  Bathe Barre  makes custom bodycare products from facial oils, to toners to bath salts? Tell me your face and body care needs and I can definitely whip something up for you. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Check back frequently on the B + B Blog for more facial tips,  techniques and recipes to try at home. #BBSelfCare  and you can also share your tips with the B + B community as well

Remember when the beat stops, let the balancing begin,


Most of the time when people receive a massage; they often neglect getting their face worked on but it’s the one area on the body with the most muscles concentrated in one area. That’s 43 muscles that allow you to cry, smile, give the occasional side eye and so much more. When they get tight and tension builds up it starts to show in our appearance. To decrease signs of aging, wrinkles and brighten complexion I highly recommend incorporating a facial massage into yourself- care routine. It will help you put your best face forward. Facial massage relaxes the whole body, releases tension, tones muscles and stimulates blood supply leaving you with a more natural and warm look. Here’s a routine that you can do at home.

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Massage is self-care and self-care is NOT a luxury. You can not…

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How we #getonbeat and #staybalanced at Beats+Balance

Beats & Balance believes in and integrates the following practices to obtain mind, body and spiritual balance and overall wellness:

  • Massage and Balneotherapy
  • Fitness
  • Aromatherapy and Natural Bodycare
  • Music, Dance and Creative therapy and
  • Faith

The Importance of Massage for DancersMassage and Balneotherapy  – Hippocrates said it first, “The best way to health is through an aromatic bath and massage everyday” This is the backbone of Beats + Balance. I strongly believe that by combining massage with the pedibath, dancers receive maximum benefits quicker. Massage manipulates and releases the muscles, knots and tension followed by the pedibath which soothes and balances the body. Although, great alone, together, they produce a longer effect on the emotional as well as the physical

 Fitness  – Massage is the main treatment service offered but fitness is a key component for a dancer’s career. We believe with simple exercises and proper stretches the body will heal itself faster from possible and current injuries. Stretching and exercising also have positive effects on one’s attitude, enhances physical ability and preserve bodymaintenance. Clients can expect light stretching during sessions but it is optional.

Aromatherapy and Natural Bodycare –Aromatherapy is the science of using naturally aromaextracted aromatic essences from plants to balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind and spirit. I use essential oils throughout sessions to help alleviate pain, elevate moods and promote healing based on client needs. These are the same oils I used when making natural, quality body care products to take with you to auditions, on the road and in life to have you looking and feeling your best from the inside out.

Music, Dance and Creative Therapy – Your health is serious but taking care of it doesn’t have to be laborious and mundane. Music, dancing and other creative avenues are encouraged in sessions to help inspire and motivate. Traditional spa music is very optional, almost frowned upon here ! I don’t want to put clients asleep (unless it’s a relaxation massage) but instead make them feel alive and energetic when they leave. Besides, you know better than anyone that dancing is therapeutic. So if a dance break is needed before or during a session as long as it makes you happy I happy!

serve.jpgFaith – As an honest company, I want to inform that Beats + Balance has a strong faith foundation. While, It is NOT the agenda to preach one way of life over another I believe there are some common values in every faith that can be channeled and use to improve a person’s well-being. I pray prosperity, healing, wisdom and positive energy to empower our clients. Meditation and affirmations are encouraged during sessions to focus the mind on session goals and to prepare the body for the physical treatment.

Do you know what your therapist value? This one right here values YOU.

When the beats stop, let the balancing begin,


My Story: Golden, your favorite dancing Therapist

Hello Sunshines, I’m Golden, a licensed massage therapist, aromatherapy enthusiast natural bodycare wp-image-2048554483jpg.jpgformulator from Detroit, MI with a passion for the creative and healing arts. And soon I’ll be your favorite dancing therapist and newest team member. On your dance journey it is important to have positive people in your corner that want to see you succeed and genuinely care about what you do; that’s exactly who I am. So we should probably get to know each other better. In my next few posts I’m going to share with you my story, who I am and how Beats + Balance came to be. 

As a graduate from Irene’s Myomassology Institute  I completed over 625 hours of training and experience with: Swedish & Relaxation massage, Hot Stones, Reflexology, Aromatherapy , Chair Massage, Therapeutic Sports massage

With a desire to broaden my knowledge and experience I further studied deep tissue massage, lymphatic drainage, pre-natal massage and aromatherapy blending. For the past 5 years I have been using essential oils daily and making my own personal care products from body scrubs to hair oils to even household cleaners which led me to become certified in natural product making. I continue to hone my skills by offering and hosting massage services for local spas, businesses, parties, health and wellness expos.  When I am not working on making Beats + Balance a success, I can be found at Be Relax Spa at LAX and Elite Othropedic Physical Therapy in Buena Park. Continue reading “My Story: Golden, your favorite dancing Therapist”


BEATS + BALANCE massage studio for dance lovers is relauching….


Working a full time job, a part time job, taking side clients and doing independent contracting for other companies I’ve been busy. So busy that I’ve been doing the very thing I’m trying to get you not to do; wearing myself out physically. I’ve been taking a beating from working more than 40 hrs of massage a week. I had tendinitis in both forearms, swollen wrists, stress out of this world, an extreme lack of energy to do anything else while losing focus and ambition. That is not good at all. It’s time to get balanced! So I decided to take a break. To breathe, stretch, shake and let it go! (15 points for the person who knows that song reference)I want to practice what I preach; massage, fitness, meditation and manifesting for the win! Bettering my health to better yours. I’m feeling refreshed already just thinking about it.

Bare with me.

Like perfect choreography for the perfect set, I want to start off on the right foot. I’m striving to make your dance career easier and longer so while I’m resting I’m also recharging and getting ready! Which means lots of planning and production, new services, website updates, new handmade products for beauty and dance pain relief, stretches and exercises for self care, a newsletter and blog to help keep you on beat.

Whew! That’s alot I know, so please continue to support and follow on social media to know about all the exciting things to come.

Thank you for your love and support and if you want to schedule a massage or want more info I can be reached at: Check out my special pre-launching services and rates here.

REMEMBER “When the beats stop, let the balancing begin”