The Beats & Balance Barter


I believe everyone can benefit from a massage and that income shouldn’t be a deciding factor for health. Through combining the healing practices of massage with pedibaths, BEATS & BALANCE MASSAGE STUDIO  seeks to become a  liable preventative health option for dancers.   Because of this I am willing to work with any dance professional using the Beats & Balance Barter option.

The idea behind the Beats & Balance Barter is  to be able understand what you as a dancer experience on a daily basis and to be able to provide massage to as many people as possible by valuing your gifts (services) as currency. Though exchanging massage for dance lessons I am able to study the typical body movements specific to your style of dance.  When I can feel what you feel and know the common areas of concerns, then I am able to research solutions. This allows Beats & Balance to be of better assistance in creating products and services that meets your needs. It is also an opportunity to share the importance and benefits of massage for health to a bigger audience without the anxiety of affordability being an issue