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Stress Relief.  Injury Prevention.  Self Care

The Importance of Massage for Dancers

Personal services can be sports, deep tissue, preventative maintenance and rehabilitative centered, stress relief and relaxation focused or a combination with light stretching mixed in. Every service includes hot towels, aromatherapy , 15 minute pedibathe and a take home self-care soak from the Bathe BarreBeats + Balance Massage Studio is committed to service; customer and personal.  I’m happy to have you at my home studio in Long Beach (street parking is available)



Beats + Balance (Massage + PediBathe) 

Choose from a Swedish relaxation, therapeutic sports, deep tissue full-body massage or preventative maintenance stretching session before your feet prepare for maximum attention.  Every pedibathe includes a soak, exfoliating scrub, massage and a nourishing moisturizer. Services are customized to your specific needs with the overall intention to aid the body in healing, relief and recovery.


45 minutes – $75

 (30 minute massage + 15 minute pedibathe) 

 Massage only – $60

75 minutes – $100 

(60 minute massage + 15minute pedibathe) 

Massage only –  $90

Shower service:  $20 for 15 minutes – home studio only



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Cancellation Policy

A non refundable fee of $25 is needed to schedule and book appointments. If you need to cancel your appointment, I ask that you do so 24 hours prior to your appointment time to avoid being charged 100% for your session. When you cancel, you have 30 days to set another appointment without having to pay a booking fee. Any time after the 30 days another $25 non refundable deposit is required (unless restricted by travel or hospitalization)

Payment Policy

Payment is required before each session begins so we do not have to discuss funds during our time together. I currently accept cash, credit/debit cards via the Square, Cash App VenMo @GoldenRoland and Paypal

*Tentative pricing and menu services , subject to change at any time.


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