The Bathe Barre

We are raising the barre on bodycare for dancers.


Therapeutic foot/bath salt blends to relax, energize and rejuvenate you wherever you are, in the studio, at home, on the go and in the air (yes, it’s travel friendly)

 It’s the ultimate in selfcare:  Self-care is important to dancers health and career.  Did you know a simple foot bath or body soak in epsom salts once a week, reduces stress, pulls toxins from body and helps the body recuperate from strenuous physical activity? Lack of physical care also affects the emotional and mental care and it shows in your auditions and practices. This is why I offer it with every massage service. We make it easier to give your body the care it needs. Let the balancing begin. 

bbmenu (1)Get in the habit of adding 2 cups of Epsom salts to your bath or pedibathe atleast once a week and see the difference in your life!

Did you know the Bathe Barre makes custom bodycare products from facial oils, to toners to bath salts? Tell me your face and body care needs and I can definitely whip something up for you.

 Dance Studios, yoga teachers, barbers, hairstylists,, MUA’s and more:  Do you want to create something unique for yourself or company. I can create the the perfect product for your brand and clients. Send us a message and feel free to ask anything, we also offer wholesale pricing if you’d like to have the Bathe Barre products at your location


Coming Soon: Dance Everyday! Blend Trio:


Sure to energize – Get dance floor ready with The Warm Up.

Rejuvenate with Playback; (Lemon, Lavender, Eucalyptus + Peppermint) the salt blend created for quick muscle relief to help keep up no matter how many times you have to play the music back and start from the top  

The Cool Down – Time to unwind and cool down after a long day of movement this soothing and relaxing blend is what you need. 


Bring the Bathe Barre to your studio or next event 



Meet me at the barre and get your fill of therapeutic bath salts blends to energize, relax and detox you in between performances and practice. 

Remember when the beats stop let the balancing begin ~ ✌Golden