:B&B Beliefs and Values


 Welcome to Beats & Balance Massage Studio

 An urban dance inspired massage, foot and bodycare company that provides alternative and  preventative health options for the  dance community

Mission:   To provide affordable massage, wellness and bodycare services to individual and company performance artists to promote injury prevention, stress relief and support of the overall mental, physical and emotional health and well-being of the dance community.

Company Overview:

Beats & Balance is an urban dance inspired  massage, foot and bodycare company that  focuses on creating reasonably priced preventative health solutions. It is a support platform that offers general first aid and pain relief for dancers on stage, on set, in practice and on the go. Beats & Balance  understands that for dancers, it’s important to keep mind, body and spirit, healthy and in harmony. Massage is a natural complement to a dancers’ health and well-being. It has any benefits and helps to keep the body toned, relaxed, and nurtured in between performances. Incorporating consistent massage and other alternative  options  in the urban dance community will promote overall health,  body maintenance and relaxation for anyone looking to achieve results. Whether looking for stress and anxiety reduction, injury prevention or an increase in flexiblity and range of motion. Beats & Balance serves in aiding to help achieve those desired goals in comfortable environments designed to inspire artistic creativity.


I have a dream that one day b-boys and b-girls can hold hands and work side by side with tappers and ballerinas and feel as equally respected and properly trained. I dream that people will realize that jitting, breaking and tutting can be as physically demanding, if not more on a person’s body as in other forms of dance. It’s a dream where knee drops and butterfly twists are just as recognized as pliés and pirouettes and deserves the same amount of research and support for its genre. Oh yes! I have a dream and let’s be honest here this is a little over the top. So on a more serious note,

The vision for Beats & Balance Massage Studio is to create an alternative health platform for dancers to be able to choose and afford preventative health solutions by dispelling the impression that massage is an exorbitant luxury and making it an affordable lifestyle change. Consistent massage relieves stress which is vital in self-care. It can prevent injuries from occurring and provides faster recovery for existing injuries. I believe my non-traditional approach to wellness will help extend career longevity, encourage artistic expression and increase stamina and flexibility.

The health concerns Beats & Balance Massage Studio seek to address and aid are:

  • Injury prevention, recovery and body maintenance (sprains, strains, shin splints, IT band tightness, plantar fasciitis and other injuries)
  • Stress/Pain Relief (headaches, athletes foot, muscle soreness, aches and pain)
  • Proper Basic first aid (burns, wounds, cuts and bruises, etc)
  • Beauty, Appearance, and overall confidence ( confidence enhancers, lack of creativity, difficulty with concentration and focus, anxiety and mental fatigue)
  • Increase in flexibility, balance, positive vibes and energy
  • Other issues/concerns: PMS relief, Jet lag, travel anxiety, foot odor, etc.


Beats & Balance Massage Studio appreciates all forms of dance and gains inspirations from urban street dancers and dance professionals who styles are: (but certainly not limited to)

Hip Hop Breaking/B-boying Jitting Tutting
Whacking Krumping Street jazz & funk Urban contemporary
Popping & Locking Juking  Vogueing  

Beliefs, Core Values and Culture

Beats & Balance believes in and integrates the following practices to obtain mind, body and spiritual balance and overall wellness:

  • Massage and Balneotherapy
  • Fitness
  • Aromatherapy and Natural Bodycare
  • Music, Dance and Creative therapy and
  • Faith

 Massage and Balneotherapy  – Hippocrates said it first, “The best way to health is through an aromatic bath and massage everyday” This is the backbone of Beats + Balance. I strongly believe that by combining massage with the footbaths, dancers receive maximum benefits quicker. Massage manipulates and releases the muscles, knots and tension followed by the footbath which soothes and balances the body. Although, great alone, together, they produce a longer effect on the emotional as well as the physical state of mind.

 Fitness  – Massage is the main treatment service offered but fitness is a key component for a dancer’s career. We believe with simple exercises and proper stretches the body will heal itself faster from possible and current injuries. Stretching and exercising also have positive effects on one’s attitude, enhances physical ability and preserve body maintenance. Clients can expect light stretching during sessions but it is optional.

Aromatherapy and Natural Bodycare –Aromatherapy is the science of using naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind and spirit. I use essential oils throughout sessions to help alleviate pain, elevate moods and promote healing based on client needs. These are the same oils I used when making natural, quality body care products to take with you to auditions, on the road and in life to have you looking and feeling your best from the inside out.

Music, Dance and Creative Therapy – Your health is serious but taking care of it doesn’t have to be laborious and mundane. Music, dancing and other creative avenues are encouraged in sessions to help inspire and motivate. Traditional spa music is very optional, almost frowned upon here ! I don’t want to put clients asleep (not including relaxation massage) but instead make them feel alive and energetic when they leave. Besides, you know better than anyone that dancing is therapeutic. So if a dance break is needed before or during a session as long as it makes you happy we’re happy!

Faith – As an honest company, we want to inform that Beats + Balance has a strong faith foundation. While, It is NOT our agenda to preach one way of life over another  we believe there are some common values in every faith that can be channeled and use to improve a person’s well-being. We pray prosperity, healing, wisdom and positive energy to empower our clients. Meditation and affirmations are encouraged during sessions to focus the mind on session goals and to prepare the body for the physical treatment.


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