Mental Wellness in the Entertainment Industry

Hello Sunshines,
I found this article regarding  mental health in the entertainment industry, and wanted to share it with you. The panel in this article came together after losing Chester Bennington of Linkin Park last year in July.  His death was ruled a suicide. Depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts are very common among artists. December 2017, one of Korea’s most famous boy groups, SHINee’s leader Jonghyun killed himself by carbon monoxide poison. His death was one that took me some time to understand. Even when you’re handsome, talented, financially stable and popular among society the feelings of loneliness and not being good enough will cause you to doubt yourself and act seemingly out of chatacter. Fame and the journey to stardom is alot and the pressure from companies, businesses and fans can be especially overwhelming. Many artists, musicians, dancers, actors, etc aren’t as mentally prepared for the industry as they think they are and it is a problem that can be avoided. in 2008, my best friend killed himself (bulleet to his brain)  so suicide is something that I dont take lightly and mental health is an issue I choose not to ignore. It doesnt matter if you a co-worker or my favorite singer, mental health issues effects everyone. It reaches everyone and no one is exempt from experiencing low moments. One of my best and worst quality is that I am emotional. Not just emotional but I can feel others emotions as well. Yes, I’m an empath so I show empathy to those who says theyre alright but really drowning inside. I know, I see it and feel it therefore I can relate

With Beats + Balance, I keep my doors open with a listening ear and no judgment. It is very important for clients to know that. I am a good massage therapist but the most importantnof part of that title is therapist. I would rather be known for how I make people feel- about themselves and their lives. I want clients to know that there are genuine people that care about their wellbeing and listening to them, regardless of status. Someone they can trust with even the extremist of thoughts. Privacy, protection, healing. If your massage therapist can’t offer you that then let them go and hire me! lol

Seriously, This is why it is important to have massage therapist on tours, in studios and on sets. Doctors, physical therapist, chiropractors are good but you’re not going to be able to talk to them they way you can with an MT and still get health assistance. They are strictly physical but massage therapist we deal with mental, physical, emotional healtg and energywork. This is what is needed in the entertainment industry. Artists that understands artists.

Please read this article. Then let’s talk. 

Until next time, Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Blessed,

Golden J.

Bold Brave Blessed is my own mental health campaign and not just for those in the entertainment industry to create dialogue and to help us understand, accept and overcome our thoughts and feelings. I will debut it in June so keep checking in and let’s get on beat and stay balanced