Why you need a Performance Wellness Manager

I want to share this article with you because it explains how important taking care of your employees health and well being is. Many companies are now implementing wellness resources for their emoloyees and the results are outstanding. In the perfoming arts and entertainment industry many people have an unrealistic idea how great everything is and will be. I know better. Money is tight, emotional and mental health wanes more than physical and high stress levels from the competitiveness of others and staying on top of the game. Yea I get it and I want you to get it too. Allow me to make studio and tour life easier for you. Remove all doubt from your clients, customers and artists that you don’t care, bring me as a performance manager on board or on tour and watch how your business improves.

What I provide:

  • Therapuetic and Relaxation massage for a variety of ailments and injuries
  • An emotional health support group for discussions and issues
  • Health,wellness and lifestyle products for hair, skin, body, fitness and nutrition
  • Additional First aid
  • I currently have a contract with two traveling physical therapists if their services are needed and they accept insurance
  • Positive energy and negative space cleansing
  • Essential oils for better living and immune system boost and more.


Once you understand the importance of taking care of those around you they will happily take care of you and your business. Hire me as your performance wellness manager. Allow me to help assist you and your clients for more productive living. If you provide the beats then I’ll provide the balance. Email me and let’s talk.