5 reasons why Beats + Balance is for you

Beats  + Balance Massage Studio is a perofrmance and healing therapy studio inspired by urban dance. We not only make massage affordable and convenient for dancers and everyone with an active lifestyles but we provide the best possible products, services and tools necessary to achieve overall health. Here are a few reason wh Beats + Balance is for you.


1. Beats + Balance Massage Studio is for you because after all day dancing in classes, rehearsals and even performances you go home just to do the same thing tomorrow without even properly recovering and resting your body.

2. Because after a long dance day you said to yourself, “Man I need a massage!” or you’ve asked your teammates for a foot rub and they told you NO.

3. Because you’ve felt aches, pains and soreness in legs, lower back and shoulders but chose to ignore them. (In my Drake voice, Don’t do it please don’t do it)

4. Because you  really need to soak in a tub of epsom salt and refresh yourself after heels and stiletto’s class.

5. Because you’re stress af bro – between school, work, rehearsal, auditions, practices etc,  you really need to chill and relax

Ok BONUS!!!! (but there are really  alot of reaosn of why my services are for you)

6. Because you might have even suffered an injury and/or currently going through the rehabilitation process.

Massage can help with that (yes its true!) Don’t let minor injuries become major setbacks. Let’s get you right, right then and there! Having massage available in your dance studio not only shows that the studio values your health but provides the competitor’s edge with preventaive & maintenance service not available to everyone.


  • Walking out of class and being able to purchase the0 health, beauty and wellness products you need for your self and your team.
  • Being on set and in between breaks receiving a quick 5 min foot, back or neck massage that not only provides relief but boosts energy.
  • Having someone who supports and believes in you, your dance journey listens to you without judgment and genuinely cares about you and your overall well-being?

That’s what Beats + Balance provides and much more. I’m helping as many dancers, dance lovers and few of my favorite Kmusic artists as possibl;e with affordable products and positive lifestyles changes to help them achieve their career and health goals. I live to serve as much as you live to serve killer moves and faces! 

So come vibe with me and schedule your Jam Session. Your body is depending on you on to take care of it. 

Remember when the beats stop let the balancing begin,