Introducing the Krew Kard

Show your crew some love! 

Get rewarded for the harder you work!

The Krew Kard is only available at studios:

How it works  :

When you pay for a 30 minute massage, or a weekly dance class pass from the studio you will receive a crew card. 

 This card allows you to get four 20 minute massages for $15 (originally $20) or you can get your crew (or moms) in on the fun and allow them to redeem one of your sessions.

You will recieve a notifcation via email whenever a session has been redeemed.

There is also a 6 session card for (3) 20mins and (3)15 min massages. A $105 value for $85.  

6 session cards will be $45 with purchase of monthly studio pass