Product Highlight: Peppermint + Eucalyptus Self – Care Spa Soak

Now available at the Bathe Barre

Peppermint + Eucalyptus Self Care Spa Soak


Put some ‘Pep’ in yor step! This is an energizing self care spa soak with the cooling and upliftng effects of peppermint essential oils and the deep cleansing benefits of eucalyptus. It refreshes and energizes the body, relieves muscle aches and pains and may soothe headaches and congestion. Perfect for dancers that takes twerk, heels + stiletto classes frequently.



I highly recommend soaking the feet atleast once a week, even if you just take one dance class. Make weekly foot baths a part of your self- care routine and see how much better you will feel,

Self-care is important to dancers health and career.  Did you know a simple foot bath or body soak in epsom salts once a week, reduces stress, pulls toxins from body and helps the body recuperate from strenuous physical activity? Lack of physical care also affects the emotional and mental care and it shows in your auditions and practices. This is why I offer a soak with every massage service. We make it easier to give your body the care it needs. Let the balancing begin.

Purchase for yourself or your favorite dancer in need of rest and relaxation below

2oz: $5.00 (+2 for S&H)                                                4oz: $8.00  (+2 for S&H)