Product Highlight: Original Pure Epsom Salt Muscle Soak

Now available in The Bathe Barre :

Original Pure Epsom Recovery Muscle Soak

Soaking in Pure Epsom salt replenishes magnesium, relieves muscle cramps, reduces inflammation, helps produce serotonin, detoxifies  and akalizes the body as well a provides migraine relief.  This is salt soak is unscented.

Get in the habit of adding 2 cups of Epsom salts to your bath or pedibathe atleast once a week and see the difference in your life!

 Purchase for yourself or favorite dancer in need of recovery and relaxation below

 2oz: $4.00    4oz: $7.00   

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Self-care is important to dancers health and career.  Did you know a simple foot bath or body soak in epsom salts once a week, reduces stress, pulls toxins from body and helps the body recuperate from strenuous physical activity? Lack of physical care also affects the emotional and mental care and it shows in your auditions and practices. This is why I offer it with every massage service. We make it easier to give your body the care it needs. Let the balancing begin.