Exercises and Stretches for Knee Strengthening and Flexibility




Here are a few stretches you can do to strengthen our knees and improve flexibility

Straight Leg Lifts –

A.Lie on your back with your legs fully extended. Lift your leg about six inches and hold for 10 seconds.

B. Creating resistance helps. If possible have someone place their hand on your quads and apply light pressure as you do each leg lift. You are to push against them as you raise your legs.

*This exercise helps strengthen the quadriceps muscle in your thigh and improves the stability of your knee joint. The stronger your quads the more control you will have over your knee.

Ankle Pumps –

A. While lying flat on your back, bend both ankles up and point your toes toward you. Then bend your ankles down and point your toes away from you. As you do this, rotate your foot clockwise and then counterclockwise, keeping your toes pointed toward the ceiling.

*This exercise helps to circulate blood back to the legs in order to reduce swelling and reduce the risk of developing a overuse injury

Thigh Squeezes – 

A. Lie flat on your back and tighten the muscles in front of your thigh by pushing the back of your knee down toward the floor. Hold for five seconds and relax.

*This exercise helps reduce swelling in the knee and builds distal quadriceps strength. This is crucial for standing with your knee locked and for walking.

Knee Bending – 

A. Sit in a stable chair and bend your leg so that it is underneath the seat, bending your knee back as far as possible. Hold it for five seconds and then return it to the resting position.

* This exercise can help to improve your range of motion and help blood flow to the region

Prolonged Knee Stretch

A. Sit in a chair, bend your knee back as far as possible, and hold for 15-30 seconds. As you gain range of motion, scoot forward in the chair to increase the stretch. Over time and as tolerated, increase the duration of the stretch to 60 seconds and repeat several times per day.

* This exercise focuses on increasing knee flexion (range of motion). This is crucial for higher level activities like dance, sports and working out

Heel Slides

A. Lie flat on your back and then bend your hip and knee by sliding your foot and heel upward toward your buttocks. Then slide your foot and heel back to the starting position. Keep your kneecap pointed toward the ceiling during the entire exercise.

*This exercise focuses on building hamstring strength as well as improving active knee flexion range of motion. Both are important for all activities of daily living.

I  hope these work for you and that with consistent practrice you’ll see improvement within 2 weeks.

You can do these on your own or we can assist you.

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