Mama use to say, “You wont be young forever”

Im nearing 30 and well, she is right.

You are not too young to start a self care & preservation regimen. I cannot stress this enough. The sooner you start to save your body, the quicker your body can recover and may potentially extend your career longevity. So whether your 16, 26 or 46 years old. Its not too late.


1 .Don’t ignore your body when it warns to feel sore or tied.Take breaks and rest when necessary,

 2. Drink plenty of water daily.

3. Stretch before working out,  dance classes & rehearsal and before other strenuous physical activity

4. Book consistent massage. I recommend 2x a month one for stress relief and one sports/maintenance focused one.


I can help. I work with people young as 10 years old and up.  Even though massage is the main service I offer, Beats + Balance has so much more to help improve your health from personal training, to yoga and meditation to a full line of health, lifestyle and nutritional supplements for hair, skin and body.  So let’s create a self-care regimen that works for you and your overall health goals.

Right now I’m offering super affordable wellness packages starting at $25 Call/Text “Get on beat” to 562- 842- 4143  or visit our services and rates  page for more information or to schedule your appointment with me, Golden, You’re favorite dancers’, favorite therapist

 :)On set. In studio. On tour. Late night practices. Early morning rehearsals. Music videos. Photo shoots. For fundraisers, events & even in between classes. I am here for you, let’s wrk together and save your body #massageforhealthdanceforlife #beatsandbalance