Reasons why massage therapy is for me

Massaging actress/singer Latoya Luckett

Reasons why massage therapy is for Β the chosen path for me:Β 

I want to take peoples pain away.


My last client son was missing for weeks, they just found his body floating in a river in Bakersfield. I haven’t worked on her in over a month but she came in today and when she saw me she told the Doctor she just really want a massage. I was with another patient and had some one else afterwards but the Doctors pulled me aside, explained the situation and let me have her. She was borderline in tears. I was expecting an emotional release because Im weird and love those but anyway

I pray over clients in these situations and as soon as I started GOD told me to take the pain away from her. Β So I did, she didnt cry, just sniffles that turned into sighs and then into regular breathing. Instead I had tears on my face and stopped when she stopped sighing. It was a moving moment for me. I cant explain it I just hate to see people hurt.