My Story: Passion & Protection

“When you’re passionate about something you protect it in the best ways” – the LA Bus

received_10153624918111595-1.jpg I saw this plastered on the side of a bus yesterday while at work. I saw it two more times before I clocked out so I knew it was for me. I am very passionate about my massage practice and my faith inspired bodycare products. I’m so passionate that I’m scared to really show and tell everyone about it. I tend to worry too much about what others might do or think that I just keep it to myself.

Yes I’m a little over protective. 

So the part that stood out to me, was the very end to “protect it in the best ways.” I’ll admit that being over protective is NOT the best way. But what is? I’m new to this and I am unsure  but I am definitely ready to share and protect my vision, my goals and my desires and hope that I will do it in the best ways possible. Beats + Balance Massage Studio is my heart. I  am very passionate about massage and absolutely love dance and music. I want to be able to encourage dancers to never give up to be able to provide them physical and emotional relief as well as natural healing of their bodies to continue dancing longer. I am convinced this is my purpose and how I choose to serve. I look forward to being your favorite therapist!

Remember, when the beat stops let the balancing begin