Wash. Cleanse. Repeat

I am a bath girl. I believe in bathing. Believe in it for healing and believe in it for cleansing. Bubblebath and body butters. Bath bombs and body scrubs. Body oils and bath salts. These are my go to items whenever I need a pick me up or a cool down. Whether for 5 minutes or for 20 I often find myself feeling better mentally, emotionally and phyiscally after a shower or bath. I find myself in the bath room with my bath accessories more often that not now. It is MY time, for me to be alone with myself, with my thoughts, with GOD and at the same time controlling my health, building my immune system.

Even foot baths. I can literally feel the difference in my walk and in my posture from regular foot baths.  My steps are lighter and I feel more aware of the ground im on. Theres no tension/ stress afterwards, it feels like walking on feathers. My whole mood changes for the better and I love that feeling more than anything else. It might seem silly to say this but bathing really is a daily neccessity. Dont just put soap on a wash towel and swipe. Take your time, spend extra moments on those hot spots. Feel the physical and emotional changes taking place in your body. Be present during that time, try to focus on the moment and love your body. Love yourself.

It is 2am right now, normally I’ll be sleep because I wake up at 5, but something is going on. I can feel it. I am not exactly sure what it is but it had me fidgeting and restless, it woke me out of my sleep and so to quiet my mind I knew what I had to do. I actually debated for about five minutes if I was going to take a bath or take a shower! 5 minutes later. I emerged from a deep aromatherapeutic shower. I feel good! I feel so serene like. My body doesnt even feel so tight and tense and I love that feeling. I am going to say it again. I am a bath girl. I believe in bathing. For cleanliness and for above all for healing. Wash. Cleanse and Repeat as needed


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