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BEATS & Balance Bodywork

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Monday - sunday 24/7*

detroit | LA | Global availabilty

rates start $250

Beats & BalancE bodywork



Deep Tissue

Sports & therapeutic

Lymphatic Massage


Assisted Stretching

Hot Stones

Trigger point


travel time (25-mile radius)

no tipping policy

chair and table massage

  • Massage & bodywork
  • Concert & Tours
  • Inhouse wellness
  • On set treatments
  • Vip & hospitality concierge
  • Individual professionals
  • Wellness contracts & Packages


works with

  • Large and indie recording studios & labels
  • tours & concerts
  • Individual professionals: danceRS, musicians, DJs, producers, songwriters
  • Live event professionals: SFX, lighting tech, sound engineers, stage crews, gaffers etc



Lauren J. Roland LMT, LE (Golden Jaye)

  • 12 Years Licensed Massage Therapist, 3 Years Licensed Esthetician

  • Backstage knowledge & experience: Specialized in providing massage therapy for performers and crew members

  • Dual licensed in California & Michigan, AMBP professional member, and insured

  • Enhanced skills through multidisciplinary teamwork with physical therapsits and chiropractors.

  • Professional & Discreet: Expertise in working with quiet personalities and maintaining a calming presence.

  • Versatile Experience: Successfully managed both large-scale events and intimate, private gatherings.

  • Customized care: Tailors massage techniques to meet individual client needs and preferences

Music Recording Studio

Why choose

B & B?

Beats & Balance Bodywork offers specialized massage and bodywork for performing artists and industry professionals.

We focus on stress and pain reduction, injury prevention, and energy enhancement, tailored to the music and performing arts community.

Enjoy on-demand wellness services at your office, event, or tour location, with late-night appointments available.

Having a therapist on-site saves time and money.

Increased energy and reduced stress lead to greater productivity and less costly mistakes.

Can you afford to miss a day (or days) of work? Let me help you stay on beat!



& Events

Whether you're a touring musician, event organizer, or production crew member, our Tour Massage Service is here to support your well-being. Recharge and revitalize amidst your busy schedule. Contact me to book your tour massage experience and enjoy relaxation and wellness on the road.

Exclusive Tour Massage Service:

I bring the relaxation directly to you with travel included, so you can unwind and recharge on the go. With a no-tipping policy, you can enjoy your massage experience without worrying about additional costs.

Skilled therapists are equipped to provide both chair and table massages, offering flexibility to accommodate your preferences and space constraints. Whether you need a quick energizing chair massage or a full-body table massage, I've got you covered.

Benefits of our Tour Massage:

  • Stress Relief: Escape the demands of touring with a moment of tranquility.
  • Enhanced Well-being: Rejuvenate your body and mind, promoting overall health.
  • Muscle Relaxation: Release tension and soreness from long performances or preparations.
  • Improved Circulation: Stimulate blood flow to enhance natural healing.
  • Mental Clarity: Find focus amidst the chaos of a busy tour schedule.
  • Boosted Morale: Show appreciation to your team with a relaxing experience.
  • Customized Packages: Tailored services to fit your group's needs and budget.
Music Show Performance


World of Dance

Provided Backstage PT & Bodywork services with performance artists during the Detroit tour stop.

Complex Magazine

On set & behind the scenes of sports entertainment short, “Out of Bounds.”

Build-A-Beast Experience

3-day event providing 20-minute massage treatments to promote pain relief and relaxation for dancers and event-goers.

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Our mission is to provide therapeutic massage & wellness services to promote injury prevention, stress relief, and wellness support to the music and live entertainment community. Request a quote to get started.

Allow me to show how receiving consistent massages can improve not only the quality of your life but the quality of your performance. No matter what life you live, let me help you get on beat and stay balanced.

- Golden Jaye