Do you love dance?     So do I!


Hi! I’m Golden and I’m changing the way dancers view massage

Inspired by the impact of urban dance, Beats & Balance massage studio is an express massage, foot + bodycare company that is all about passion, the willingness to serve and helping to keep dancers dancing longer.  

Did you know consistent massage can extend a dancers career by 33%*?

My goal is to make consistency with massage an affordable and necessary lifestyle change for dancers, performing artists and those with a non-stop, active lifestyle. Our services are the much needed escape from the pressures of the entertainment/performance industry and the daily stresses of life. 

Make sure you and your dancers are taking care of their health needs. Allow me to make it easier or you. Visit me at my location in Torrance or bring Beats  + Balance to your studio. I strive to prevent injuries, boost energy and alleviate stress and pain right on the spot and not allow issues to build in the body only to resurface later.

It is amazing what a 20 minute chair massage, a 15 strecthing session or even a 5 minute foot massage can do for the body and mind! Each session is easily customizable to create a wellness option that focuses on restoring energy, reducing stress, keeping muscles flexible and firm according to needs.

 Beats + Balance  Massage Studio specializes in providing express massage services for:


  • Video/Dance/Photo shoots
  • Large and boutique dance/ recording/yoga studios
  • Early rehearsals and  late-night practices
  • Dance/performance/music artist tours
  • Studio and Company Workshops
  • Any dance-related event you may have


Beats & Balance Massage Studio seeks to address and help aid with:

  • Injury prevention, recovery and body maintenance (sprains, strains, shin splints, IT band tightness, plantar fasciitis and other injuries)
  • Strcropped-sports-massage-1.jpgess/Pain Relief (headaches, athletes foot, muscle soreness, aches and pains)
  • Beauty + Appearance via natural, handmade bodycare products, aromatherapy & essential oils
  • Increase in flexibility, balance, positive vibes and good energy
  • Other issues/concerns: PMS relief, jet lag, travel anxiety, foot odor & more


At Beats + Balance Massage Studio it doesn’t matter whether you’re into hip hop, ballet or breaking if you’re looking to relax, boost your energy, improve performance and flexibility or you are just in need of a quick foot massage, we are here for you! Let’s get started.

 Allow me to prove receiving consistent massages can improve not only the quality of your life but the quality of your performances. 

 If you have a few questions before you book an appointment feel free to ask and when you’re ready to book connect with me using the form below.

Remember when the beat stops, let the balancing begin